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    What iPads work with Freeform Made Wooden iPad stands?

    What iPads work with Freeform Made Wooden iPad stands?

    Great news; almost all iPads work great with the right Freeform Made wooden iPad stand. In recent years, Apple has released a bunch of new iPads with a bunch of different size screens. The easiest way to choose your Freeform stand is to choose your iPad Screen size. 

    Check our post (What iPad Do I Have?) for more details on determining your iPad type.


    iPad 10.2" 

    10.2-inch iPad (7th Generation - 2019)

    • Model Numbers: ???


    iPad 9.7" This is the classic iPad.

    Originally released as the "iPad Air" in 2013, it was later released as [standard] iPad. Our stands for 9.7" screens work with the following iPads:

    2013 iPad Air

    • Model Numbers: A1474, A1475

    2014 iPad Air2

    • Model Numbers: A1566, A1667

    2017 iPad (5th Generation)

    • Model Numbers: A1822, A1823

    2017 iPad Pro (1st Generation)

    • Model Numbers: A1673, A1674, A1675

    2018 iPad (6th Generation)

    • Model Numbers: A1893, A1954


    iPad 10.5" 

    Originally released as the "iPad Pro 10.5" in 2017. This screen size was later reused in the "iPad Air" in 2019 thus confusing everyone. 

    10.5-inch iPad Pro (2nd Generation-2017)

    • Model Numbers: A1701, A1709

    2019 iPad Air

    • Model Numbers: A2153, A2123, A2154, A2152


    iPad 11" 

    11-inch iPad Pro (3th Generation)

    • Model Numbers: A1980, A2013, A1934, A1979
    • This iPad does NOT have a home button but adds Face ID to the mix using the user facing camera


    iPad Pro 12.9" 

    Apple originally released the 12.9" screen size for the iPad Pro lineup. We determined this tablet was not a good candidate for a Freeform stand because it was HUGE. We, affectionately call this the "gi-Pad." When Apple dropped the home button, it was a good fit for a large Freeform stand; we're excited to add this to our lineup!

    12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd Generation - 2018)

    • Model Numbers A1876, A2014, A1895, A1983
    • This iPad does NOT have a home button but adds Face ID to the mix using the user facing camera

    What Is the Best POS for Small Business?

    Modern restaurant at meal time

    Every business owner wants their employees to have tools to boost their efficiency.

    It can't happen with malfunctioning point-of-sale (POS) systems. That's why they should find the best POS for small business.

    A POS system is a combination of hardware and software used for sales and inventory purposes. Other uses include tracking prices, managing tax rates, and creating special reports on your business.

    Installing the traditional POS systems can be very expensive. Some of those systems can go from as low as $1000 to more than $20,000. For a small business owner, these figures are too high.

    There is another option, however. Read on to learn more.

    Getting the Best POS for Small Business

    iPad POS systems have become a popular alternative for businesses. They are cheaper to install and simpler to use. They provide several other benefits:

    • tracking data on popular products in the inventory
    • identifying when there is a high traffic of sales
    • working as a cash register and for taking credit card payments
    • providing relevant information to customers
    • boosting your business' brand by going digital
    • encrypting data to secure information and transactions.

    Once you get an iPad, you will need to select the software that suits your type of business. Whether you are a coffee shop, a bar, or any other type, you need a specific POS software.

    The following are your options for the best POS for small business:


    For those people who value simplicity, Vend is a good fit. It is a cloud-based software that loads on an iPad. It has many features despite its simple interface.

    Vend helps small businesses with stock management, processing credit cards, marketing, and giving reports.

    The reporting occurs in real-time, which is useful for the business owner to track how everything is running. It offers cheap monthly plans for regular users and free plans for new businesses.

    The system allows the user to create loyalty programs and special promotions to attract customers.

    One outstanding feature is its ability to integrate with third-party applications.

    For example, people can use the Shopify add-on to manage their shopping data. Vend can also pair with accounting software such as QuickBooks. This helps in invoicing, managing data, and linking to the bank.


    Another good iPad POS system is Square. It helps in analyzing and tracking sales data. It also keeps a close eye on your inventory and it will send an alert when there is a drop in stock levels.

    Square connects with printers and scanners in retail stores. You can use it in multiple locations inside the store without any extra charges. It also connects with magstripe readers and credit card readers.

    In terms of monthly fees, it is free to use. The only cost occurs when a customer pays for something or clears an invoice.

    Other great features include split ticket charging where every customer in a group pays for their own expenses. It can create an open tab for trusted customers who want to pay later.


    Despite the strange name, ERPLY is great web-based retail software. It handles web, mobile, and in-store transactions. Once you install it on your iPad, you can access data from anywhere.

    ERPLY provides CRM, inventory tracking, and sales tracking solutions. It is fast, flexible, and manages everything in real-time. It provides a central management system for multi-store operations.

    Learn More about POS Systems

    The three iPad POS systems above prevent stress because they are affordable and efficient. It is not good to use the iPad alone. There are other iPad accessories that improve the overall experience.

    Find out more about iPad POS systems and other convenient add-ons.

    How To Choose The Best iPad Stand For Your Business

    Chemex with a record and coffee cup

    With over 80 million iPad users in the United States alone, it's safe to say that this device is only getting more and more popular.

    The so-called "iPad Generation is obsessed with all things digital, demands convenience, and is always looking for ways to make their lives easier.

    That's why they love what an iPad stand does for them.

    But an iPad stand isn't just for personal use - you can also use one to help grow your business, make things easier for your employees, and ensure nothing gets broken!

    They're especially convenient for Point Of Sale and Purchase areas, so your customers can get through a faster checkout or spend time learning more about your products with information on an iPad.

    Keep reading to learn about how you can choose the top iPad stand for your business.

    Consider Your Customer

    When you're choosing the perfect stand for your business, your customer should be the first thing you think about.

    What is your stand doing to make their shopping experience better? More pleasant? More comfortable?

    Choose a stand that can rotate towards and away from your customer, and one that they can easily access even from across a counter.

    Also, be sure to take into consideration the height of your overall stand. Get one that, even while sitting on top of a counter, can be pulled up and adjusted according to the customer's height.

    Consider Your Branding

    When choosing the right stand, you need to go with one that's consistent with the overall look and message of your branding.

    Even if your business isn't exactly tech-friendly, there are still ways to incorporate technology into your services without muddling the message of your brand.

    For example, if you're a natural health store, you might consider a wooden stand for your registers. That way, you're combining the convenience of a better and faster shopping experience with the branding of your company.

    Consider Your Registers

    Anything you can do to get your customers through the checkout line faster, or even to entertain them and educate them about additional products while they wait, is always a great idea.

    Choose a stand that will make your line go faster - with options like a magnetic base to ensure that the iPads will easily stick onto surfaces.

    Ready To Pick Up An iPad Stand?

    Now that you know how to choose the best stand for your business, let's get one in your shopping cart today!

    Whether you're buying for yourself or your employees, we think our iPad stands are some of the best - not to mention the coolest - on the market!

    Not only are our stands elegantly crafted from wood, but they also offer all the design integrity and assistance of top-quality stands made from other materials.

    Use them in your business' Points of Sale, smaller kiosks, and more. They even come with wireless card readers, headphone jacks, and cutouts for cameras for added convenience!

    We offer a wide variety of stands perfect for any business. What are you waiting for? Pick up some today, and see the difference they'll make in your stores and offices.

    The Benefits Of Using iPad Stands For Your Business

    Busy restaurant

    iPads and other tablets have completely revolutionized how businesses do everyday tasks. Beyond the fact that mobile technology now allows a business to conveniently sell to most customers, this technology has also made it easier to handle everyday logistics and sales matters.

    One of the clearest examples of this has been the tablet point of sale. Things like an iPad POS has made the traditional cash register almost obsolete. The iPad provides a unique number of benefits and options to businesses including inventory management, instant and easy payment service, and general mobility.

    Many businesses have opted to use an iPad stand to complete their POS location. If you haven't discovered the wonders of doing business with your own stand, here are a few benefits to think about.

    iPad Point Of Sale

    Various typical iPad POS setups include a tablet, stand, and simplified cash register that replicates all the basic functions of the old school variety. This setup allows businesses to work with customers during the purchase process.

    The popularity of mobile POS setups continues to rise, which makes using a stand all the more important. Since iPads and other tablets are small, mobile devices, they present a potential security risk for a business if you don't take some necessary steps.

    Benefits Of An iPad Stand

    One of the most important aspects about an iPad stand is that it secures the device to a specific location. It's a lot more difficult to steal an entire stand, especially if it's made of wood or heavy metal than to steal the device alone.

    More than that, it provides a stable platform for employees to work with. Holding an iPad or working with it on a flat surface can become tiring over time. A stand holds the device in an ergonomic and visible position for employees to work with throughout a typical shift.

    An iPad stand will also create a sense of professionalism within the business space. Since customers are used to seeing traditional cash registers and other POS components, the stand replicates that look in a more modern and streamlined way.

    Finally, many of these stands come in many shapes and sizes. This means they are perfect for adding to the overall decor of the retail or business space. Whether you prefer a modern look or something more traditional, you can often find a style that matches your general theme.

    Finding The Right Stand

    The iPad stand is a great way to update your existing POS using mobile technology while offering a similar look to the typical cash register. Finding the right stand is a matter of researching what's available. Many manufacturers exist and will offer different styles, sizes, and features.

    Take your time and think about what you need most out of a stand. If you find the right one, you will do yourself and the rest of your business a favor.

    If you want to go with a trustworthy and experienced company, check out our offerings. We offer a great line of stands that can fit any range of styles and entrepreneurial needs. For more information and help, feel free to get in touch with us.