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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Freeform do Custom work?

    What happened to Freeform Woodworks?

    Will the Freeform Stand work for my App?

    Square Stands work with Square Register and utilize Square’s standard white plug-in card reader. These stands also work great with Square’s wireless chip readers.

    Square Credit Card Reader

    International shipping is expensive; do you have any resellers in my country?

    Can I track my order?

    How should I secure the Freeform Stand to my counter?

    Affixing your stand to your counter:

    Commercial Settings:

    Magnetic Base:

    Counters that cannot be drilled:

    Can I use the lock button on my iPad While it's in a Freeform stand?

    How can I get a coupon code?

    Can I get my logo laser etched to my stand?

    Can I get parts for my Freeform Made products in the future?

    What is the warranty coverage for Freeform Made Products?

    How do I charge the iPad when using an iDynamo5 card reader?

    Can I use a different iPad with my Freeform Stand?