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    How To Choose The Best iPad Stand For Your Business

    Chemex with a record and coffee cup

    With over 80 million iPad users in the United States alone, it's safe to say that this device is only getting more and more popular.

    The so-called "iPad Generation is obsessed with all things digital, demands convenience, and is always looking for ways to make their lives easier.

    That's why they love what an iPad stand does for them.

    But an iPad stand isn't just for personal use - you can also use one to help grow your business, make things easier for your employees, and ensure nothing gets broken!

    They're especially convenient for Point Of Sale and Purchase areas, so your customers can get through a faster checkout or spend time learning more about your products with information on an iPad.

    Keep reading to learn about how you can choose the top iPad stand for your business.

    Consider Your Customer

    When you're choosing the perfect stand for your business, your customer should be the first thing you think about.

    What is your stand doing to make their shopping experience better? More pleasant? More comfortable?

    Choose a stand that can rotate towards and away from your customer, and one that they can easily access even from across a counter.

    Also, be sure to take into consideration the height of your overall stand. Get one that, even while sitting on top of a counter, can be pulled up and adjusted according to the customer's height.

    Consider Your Branding

    When choosing the right stand, you need to go with one that's consistent with the overall look and message of your branding.

    Even if your business isn't exactly tech-friendly, there are still ways to incorporate technology into your services without muddling the message of your brand.

    For example, if you're a natural health store, you might consider a wooden stand for your registers. That way, you're combining the convenience of a better and faster shopping experience with the branding of your company.

    Consider Your Registers

    Anything you can do to get your customers through the checkout line faster, or even to entertain them and educate them about additional products while they wait, is always a great idea.

    Choose a stand that will make your line go faster - with options like a magnetic base to ensure that the iPads will easily stick onto surfaces.

    Ready To Pick Up An iPad Stand?

    Now that you know how to choose the best stand for your business, let's get one in your shopping cart today!

    Whether you're buying for yourself or your employees, we think our iPad stands are some of the best - not to mention the coolest - on the market!

    Not only are our stands elegantly crafted from wood, but they also offer all the design integrity and assistance of top-quality stands made from other materials.

    Use them in your business' Points of Sale, smaller kiosks, and more. They even come with wireless card readers, headphone jacks, and cutouts for cameras for added convenience!

    We offer a wide variety of stands perfect for any business. What are you waiting for? Pick up some today, and see the difference they'll make in your stores and offices.