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    How to choose the best iPad stand for your POS system

    iPad mini tablet POS

    It seems as though businesses everywhere are using iPads and other tablets as Point of Sale (POS) systems. This popularity is only increasing.

    As POS systems continue to do far more than just sell products, it's likely that you've given thought to how to improve your own.

    So what's the best place to start?

    By investing in elegant and high-quality POS stands.

    Read on to find out what you need to know in order to ensure you're getting the best stands possible.

    1. Can POS Stands Help Increase Transaction Speed?

    Any POS stands that you purchase need to definitely make transactions easier and quicker for your customers.

    Your customer needs to use the stand to be able to get the information they need about a product -- making them much more likely to buy it.

    This can mean features like the ability to swivel between customer and cashier. It can also mean that the stand will help to lift your tablet off the counter/table, making it easier for customers to reach it comfortably.

    For example, a Kiosk Stand is easy for customers to locate, intuitive to use, and helps you to cut down on line length at your more traditional registers.

    2. Will It Keep Your Tablet Secure?

    Data security is an enormous consideration for all businesses today. This security is key, since your iPads store incredible amounts of private customer data.

    The last thing in the world you want is for that data to be compromised.

    When you're purchasing a stand for your POS system, you need to ensure you've found an option that keeps your iPad secure.

    A quality stand will have cutouts for cameras, screens, and other features -- but will also lock in the iPad.

    3. Can They Stand Up To Your Everyday Traffic?

    When your store is getting more traffic business, you'll need to be especially picky when it comes to finding stands you can rely on. Think about everything your POS systems go through in a day. They're turned around, touched, jostled, and handled by potentially hundreds of people?

    Think about everything your POS systems go through in a day. They're turned around, touched, jostled, and handled by potentially hundreds of people.

    Can your stand, well, withstand, that kind of contact and wear and tear? Most importantly, can it protect your iPad or tablet in the process?

    Never purchase an iPad stand until you're confident about this answer.

    4. Buy POS Stands From Experienced Companies

    Experience is the best teacher, so only do business with companies that are proven.

    This is especially true when you're looking for a reliable vendor and designer of POS stands.

    An experienced POS stand company will offer you a variety of different stands and styles, so you can find exactly the right fit for your business.

    The Choice Is Clear

    When you need stellar, durable, quality iPad stands, this is where we thrive.

    Isn't it time you took your customer service to the next level?

    Spend some time on our online shop to see the wide range of secure, sleek, and functional stands we offer.

    What iPad Do I Have?

    Freeform iPad stand at Locust Cider

    The most common, and most important, question we get is "will this stand work for my tablet?" In this post, we seek to answer this question with Apple's iPad identifier guide and the model identifier for your tablet. If you're not sure what tablet you have, this guide will show you how to find out like a pro! 


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