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    At Freeform Made, we value innovation. When we couldn’t find the iPad stand we wanted for our retail business, we made it. When other small businesses starting seeing the iPad stand and asking for it, we made more, and Freeform Made was born. Since then, our values of innovation and excellence continue to drive us to make better products that businesses need: products that are handmade for real life. 


    Freeform Made iPad Stand at WED

    From day one, Freeform Made iPad stands were intended to be utilized in the most demanding commercial environments as a beautiful, yet functional point of sale enclosures. Each Freeform Stand is constructed using solid materials selected for aesthetic and structural properties. Since 2013, Freeform stands have proven themselves at thousands of businesses across the United States and abroad.

    From food trucks to farmer’s markets and coffee shops to flower shops, Freeform stands are made to be used.

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