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Using An iPad Cash Register for Retail: 5 Things to Know

iPad cash register

Cash registers are still a staple at many a retail store, but technology has moved on. Today, credit and debit cards have anti-theft chips. Consumers may pay via Apple Pay or Android Pay.

Retail stores need a cash register that can accommodate all this technology. Such a register has to be fast and efficient for easy checkout.

Instead of buying an expensive high-tech cash register, why not use your iPad instead? That’s right, an iPad cash register promises speed and efficiency without the huge price tag.

Here are five things to know about an iPad cash register for point of sale (POS) systems.

1. The Hardware and Software for an iPad Cash Register Is Not Included

To take your iPad from a standard device to a cash register, you must get a POS mobile app and a credit card reader. Neither of these is included with your iPad.

You may get your POS mobile app from a POS vendor or download it on the Apple App Store. Such software is not free, so beware if you find a free app.

The credit card reader should take debit cards, credit cards, and mobile payments (like Apple Pay). A consumer should be able to insert or swipe their card to pay.

2. Information Goes to the Cloud

Payment information, sales information, and inventory can be saved on your iPad. What do you do when your iPad’s space is full, though?

You can transfer all pertinent information to Apple’s cloud. To be on the safe side, you should back up this information regularly. The cloud is secure, so you can upload data with peace of mind.

3. iPads Don’t Completely Replace Traditional Cash Registers

Using your iPad as a cash register is a very tech-savvy investment. You also save counter space, since your iPad is a slim device.

That said, don’t throw away your traditional cash register just yet. Some older or less technological customers will still want to pay the good old-fashioned way: with cash. You don’t want to have to turn these customers away because you don’t have the right cash register.

iPads should augment your traditional cash register, not replace it. Unless your store is strictly card-only, make both registers available.

4. You Will Need a Printer

We already mentioned how your iPad requires a card reader. You need yet more hardware, namely a printer.

This lets you print out the customer’s receipt if they choose to. Of course, in the age of saving paper and e-receipts, fewer customers may ask for a paper receipt. That said, you must have a printer for those who do.

5. And a Stand

Keeping your iPad flat on your counter is one option. That said, this isn’t very convenient. You’ll have to keep picking the iPad up every time you want to check out a customer.

That’s why many retailers opt for a stand for their iPad cash register. This allows easy access to your iPad at all times.

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