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How to Use A Promotional Video to Boost In-House Sales

Is your company still relying on text to market to consumers? If so, you’re doing your marketing a disservice.

Now is the time to branch out from pure text-based marketing. Did you know that 60% of website visitors prefer to watch a video to learn about a company?

Inform your customers about your company by creating a promotional video.

Your video should be informational but entertaining. So how do you use a video to boost sales?

Read on for proven ideas for using videos to promote your company.

Why Use a Promotional Video?

The human attention span online lasts about 8 seconds. By the time a user reads your blog title, they may already be interested in something else!

But with a video, the short attention span issue can be avoided.

Videos are engaging from the second the viewer pushes play. Videos are ideal for delivering an informative message in a new way.

Video Ideas

1. How To/DIY

How To blogs are one thing. But who wants to read 20 steps of information? Not many people!

But the ability to show a viewer how to complete a task live, step-by-step? You’ve got a winner!

This type of promotional video will keep your clients eager to learn. Teach your customers how to better use your product.

2. Customer Relations

This type of video is a good way to boost your company’s reputation.

Find customers who are willing to give an on-camera testimonial.

Ask customers to speak about the usefulness of your product/service. Discuss what makes your company the best around.

A customer relation video will surround your company in positivity. A positive brand is a successful one!

3. Brand Documentary

What’s the history of your brand? How did you get to where you are today?

Consumers are always interested in how a company came to be. What’s your story? What’s the purpose behind your business?

A brand documentary not only tells consumers who you are as a company. This type of video is also great for removing any misconceptions about your business.

For a brand documentary to be a success, be sure to:

  • Focus on your company strengths. Been around for 50 years? Making headway in your industry? Talk about it!
  • Be personal. Connect with your viewers. Make your story personable and relatable.
  • Keep it concise. Minimize your video to no longer than three minutes. Avoid getting into the details.

4. Subject Matter Expert

A key to success is proving to consumers that you are subject matter experts in your industry.

Create a video about a topic that is related to your company’s product or service.

Sell cars? Create a video about buying a used car.

Provide athletic equipment? Make a video about choosing the best protection wear.

This type of video will build your reputation as a reliable company in your industry.

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