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Are Restaurant Headsets Right for Your Business?

restaurant headsets

There is nothing worse than being a manager of a busy restaurant and trying to communicate with your staff from across the room.

Maybe you need an order on the fly or guests are in a hurry and need their check right away. Maybe your runner took an entire order to the wrong table and now you’re in damage control mode.

The food service life is one hectic, hasty decision after another. You can make your life substantially easier and improve customer service simultaneously.

Today, we’re going to talk about the benefits of restaurant headsets in your establishment.

1. Help Train New Employees

We, as food service managers, don’t always have time to ensure that new servers and food runners are properly trained. Using headsets are a great way to help coach a new server through some of their first order-taking experiences.

If he or she is nervous, you can give a polite reminder to smile or laugh at a customer’s attempt at humor.

New bartender? When you’re busy on the floor and the new guy can’t remember how to make a White Russian, all he needs to do is push a button and ask you what he’s missing.

2. Communicate More Effectively

On a busy Saturday night, runners and servers frequently lose touch. Nip this in the bud with restaurant headsets.

If a runner is confused by an order, they can speak with the waitstaff to receive confirmation.

If there was a mix-up in the kitchen, runners can let a server to know to go to the table and let the customers know they’re food is on the way but will be a few more minutes.

3. Reduce Shrinkage

One of the more underrated reasons to have restaurant headsets is the potential to lessen shrinkage.

With an active manager’s voice in their ear all evening, employees are much less likely to steal. They will feel like they are being watched with scrutiny and would rather not risk it.

Higher End Establishments

Headsets for waitstaff and food runners aren’t going to be ideal for every operation. For higher-end eateries, restaurant headsets are perfect for hosts and valets.

They give off an aura of professionalism. Your clientele will be impressed with how quickly your staff communicates and works together as a unit to keep them serviced efficiently.

Seeing valets and hosts scurrying about to ask questions or fix problems are signs that a fine dining facility is not operating on the level of professionalism that it should. Headsets eliminate the appearance and even when the night gets hectic, your staff can still operate quietly and professionally.

The Big Takeaway on Restaurant Headsets

When you need your team to cut minutes down into seconds, these headsets are going to be ideal for you and your staff.

Not only will you be able to operate efficiently and professionally, but your staff will thank you as they start to see an increase in tips.

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