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How An iPad POS Stand Can Improve Sales

iPad pos stand

Are you still clunking away at an old-fashioned till wasting time with inaccurate sales prices and temperamental technologies? If so, have you considered a new POS system that both saves space and time?

iPad POS systems are cropping up everywhere. Mobile POS systems are at 40% adoption and that number is growing.  

But why? And how can an iPad POS stand benefit a business? Let’s take a quick look.

1. An iPad POS Stand Allows Mobility

Most businesses are involved in their community in some way. And they usually end up selling their services and products outside their normal storefront at some point.

Even if this isn’t the case for your business, the opportunity still exists. Taking your business on the road can and will increase your exposure if not your profits.

Even if “on the road” means down the street to the local convention center, local brand visibility matters. And if you can increase your visibility in your community, you can increase sales.

And why not have your business go with you wherever you go? An iPad POS stand will make it simple to set up a till in any location.

2. The Card Reader Is Included And Hidden Inside

No longer will you have to carry around a clunky cash box. And neither will you pack a bunch of cords and extra devices just to accept credit cards.

An iPad POS stand reduces the clutter. Older systems include messy cords and access to a wall socket or phone jack.

An iPad POS system requires neither and the card reader is integrated into the stand.

You will quickly find that your workflow improves around a clutter free device. And customers will enjoy the accessibility and control you give them through a simple stand and interface.

3. Customers Are Used To Control

Despite complaints of human jobs replaced by machines, people really do like the self-serve model at retail stores. 

And the iPad POS system gives customers that nice in-between. They can have someone take their order or “ring them up” and then finish then finalize the sale themselves.

4. Meets The Customer Where They Are At

And, because an iPad POS stand is portable, it can go to wherever the customer is.

For example, if you run a furniture shop or an outlet with a large sales floor, your POS system isn’t bound to the front desk. You can bring it to the customer looking at kitchen tables, and sit down with them there to finalize their purchase.

5. Multiple Stands Mean Connection

Because the POS system is on an iPad, it’s connected to the internet. You aren’t confined to the POS software. Other apps can keep your staff connected across a large store.

Communication creates synergy and efficiency. Employees can ring up sales in multiple locations and even pass a pending sale back and forth between kiosks.

Conclusion: Welcome To The Future

We’re not going back to physical buttons on our smartphones and we certainly aren’t moving backward with POS.

iPad and tablet POS systems are the future and using a stand for these systems is the best way to make your system clutter-free and mobile.

If you’re considering a stand, check out our selection. It will change the way you do business.