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Why Every Artist Needs a Digital Art Tablet Stand

digital art tablet

Digital drawing is taking off.

Leveraging your digital art tablet to create your art is a great idea for several reasons.

You have access to a seemingly unlimited toolkit of mediums and colors. You can quickly edit mistakes. And as long as you have your tablet with you, you can start your drawing the moment inspiration strikes, no matter where you are. 

But you need the right accessories to truly make the most of your digital art tablet. Keep reading to discover why a tablet stand is a perfect accessory for digital artists. 

Allows you to go hands-free

Would you paint a canvas with one hand tied behind your back? Probably not. Even the most experienced artist works better with both hands free.

Holding your tablet for long periods of time – especially when you’re intensely focused on your art project – can be uncomfortable and difficult.

By using a tablet stand, you free up both hands. This will help you avoid repetitive-strain injuries and allow you to move and draw without limitations.

Puts your tablet at the right height and angle

If you’re not holding your tablet with one hand, you probably have it laying down flat on a table. But this isn’t good for your posture or your neck muscles

And if you’re hurting or worried about your posture, how creative can you really be? 

Most tablet stands are adjustable, allowing you to move your tablet to the exact height and angle you need to be as comfortable as possible while you draw. So you can focus on your art instead of your neck pain.

Holds your digital art tablet steady

If you’re not holding your digital art tablet with one hand or laying it flat on the table, there’s a good chance you’re propping it up on a pile of pillows or some other rickety homemade contraption. 

That’s fine if you’re using your tablet as an e-reader or surfing the web. But when you’re creating art, your canvas should be as still and steady as possible. 

Using a stand keeps your tablet stable and stationary. That means no unintentionally shaky lines or strange jumps in your drawing.

It’s just one more way to express yourself

Like smartphone covers and e-reader protectors, tablet stands come in an array of colors and designs, giving you yet another medium where you can express your style and creativity. 

If you prefer for your stand to fade into the background so you can concentrate only on your digital canvas, go with something simple and basic. 

But if you’re looking for a tablet stand with panache to help inspire you, there are lots of beautiful and unique creations out there. It all depends on your taste and preference. 

Now you can focus on your art

As you get more involved in digital drawing, you’ll find that the right accessories can make all the difference. 

The less you have to worry about your tools and canvas, the more you can concentrate on what really matters – your creativity and your art. 

A tablet stand is a perfect accessory to make that happen.