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Can Your Tablet Stand be a Salesperson, Too?

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Let’s face it, the way people shop has changed a lot over the past decade. Consumers have turned to the comfort of online shopping. They can now avoid traffic, lines and the ever-present feeling that they’re dragging their reluctant spouse around on aimless errands.

Still, checking out a product before you buy provides a level of comfort. Most shoppers can’t deny this. Consumers go out in droves every black Friday. They literally fight to the death over the latest gadgets and technology.

But what if the consumer could come to rely on a much more satisfying way to shop? No more feeling pressured to buy things they don’t want or need, no more hassles with online returns.

That’s where the tablet stand comes in.

The tablet stand is the most innovative way consumers can get their feet wet and learn about a product before diving in and purchasing. Businesses everywhere are replacing greeters and aggressive salespeople with tablet stands.

Want to know why?

The tablet stand is an inviting opportunity to learn.

Think of it as a slight tease. If you’re like most people, you avoid the stores where you’re accosted by the aggressive sales person. No one wants products forced on them.   

Customers have access to data about products they’re interested in.  They can now see specs, reviews, and associated products they might like. Then, versus ordering online, they can walk into the store and test out the product for themselves.

Tablet apps increase customer retention by creating personalized shopping experiences for your customers. These apps give them concise information, provide store navigation and loyalty memberships.

Customer Analytics at Your Fingertips.

In-store tablet stands draw your clientele into the store. They also create a goldmine of information for you with regard to customer analytics. When potential clientele signs into your site, their shopping experience is recorded, providing you opportunities including: 

  • Capturing Customer Data.
  • Recording shopping preferences for future marketing campaigns.
  • Promote your brand with in-store specials.
  • Creating a special shopping experience by providing store navigation.
  • Provide your customer with a veritable shopping guide, including product specs, reviews, and comparisons.

Connect with Younger Consumers.

The largest wealth transfer in history will go to the millennials, the generation that learned to shop online. They expect efficiency and ease when it comes to making purchases.

This is a piece of the pie your business can’t afford to miss out on! 

Tablet stands and a clean store layout appeal to millennials. Think about it. Their major experience with a brick and mortar stores was Apple. Mimic that first impression by welcoming this very unique set of consumers into a store that will make them want to return.

It’s Time for an Update.

Your store has been around for awhile. Now it’s time for an update. As painful as this might seem, you will be improving your business overall. Secure Ipad and tablet stands to recreate the digital experience for shoppers. You will increase their confidence in the purchase, cull customer data and create loyal customers. 

If your store is needing a technology update, check out these clean, modern designs!