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What Is the Best POS for Small Business?

best pos for small business

Every business owner wants their employees to have tools to boost their efficiency.

It can’t happen with malfunctioning point-of-sale (POS) systems. That’s why they should find the best POS for small business.

A POS system is a combination of hardware and software used for sales and inventory purposes. Other uses include tracking prices, managing tax rates, and creating special reports on your business.

Installing the traditional POS systems can be very expensive. Some of those systems can go from as low as $1000 to more than $20,000. For a small business owner, these figures are too high.

There is another option, however. Read on to learn more.

Getting the Best POS for Small Business

iPad POS systems have become a popular alternative for businesses. They are cheaper to install and simpler to use. They provide several other benefits:

  • tracking data on popular products in the inventory
  • identifying when there is a high traffic of sales
  • working as a cash register and for taking credit card payments
  • providing relevant information to customers
  • boosting your business’ brand by going digital
  • encrypting data to secure information and transactions.

Once you get an iPad, you will need to select the software that suits your type of business. Whether you are a coffee shop, a bar, or any other type, you need a specific POS software.

The following are your options for the best POS for small business:


For those people who value simplicity, Vend is a good fit. It is a cloud-based software that loads on an iPad. It has many features despite its simple interface.

Vend helps small businesses with stock management, processing credit cards, marketing, and giving reports.

The reporting occurs in real-time, which is useful for the business owner to track how everything is running. It offers cheap monthly plans for regular users and free plans for new businesses.

The system allows the user to create loyalty programs and special promotions to attract customers.

One outstanding feature is its ability to integrate with third-party applications.

For example, people can use the Shopify add-on to manage their shopping data. Vend can also pair with accounting software such as QuickBooks. This helps in invoicing, managing data, and linking to the bank.


Another good iPad POS system is Square. It helps in analyzing and tracking sales data. It also keeps a close eye on your inventory and it will send an alert when there is a drop in stock levels.

Square connects with printers and scanners in retail stores. You can use it in multiple locations inside the store without any extra charges. It also connects with magstripe readers and credit card readers.

In terms of monthly fees, it is free to use. The only cost occurs when a customer pays for something or clears an invoice.

Other great features include split ticket charging where every customer in a group pays for their own expenses. It can create an open tab for trusted customers who want to pay later.


Despite the strange name, ERPLY is great web-based retail software. It handles web, mobile, and in-store transactions. Once you install it on your iPad, you can access data from anywhere.

ERPLY provides CRM, inventory tracking, and sales tracking solutions. It is fast, flexible, and manages everything in real-time. It provides a central management system for multi-store operations.

Learn More about POS Systems

The three iPad POS systems above prevent stress because they are affordable and efficient. It is not good to use the iPad alone. There are other iPad accessories that improve the overall experience.

Find out more about iPad POS systems and other convenient add-ons.