About Freeform

Freeform Made started as Freeform Woodworks. Matt and Janice Townsend wanted a simple wooden iPad stand for their coffeehouse. After a thoroughly un-successful search, Matt took three days to make one by hand from some extra wood flooring using only a table saw, a handheld router, and a set of dull chisels. From honest materials and humble beginnings, Freeform Woodworks was born. 

Thousands of stands later, Freeform Made is making the finest wooden iPad stands available anywhere. Our tooling and techniques have changed but the goal has remained consistent. Each stand is designed with durability and sustainability in mind and no two are exactly alike. Each one is handcrafted, individually assembled, and fully tested before shipping. Every Freeform Made Product is constructed of high-end hardwoods: sustainably harvested, precisely milled, and expertly finished. Freeform creates durable goods built for real life.