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5 Tips for Implementing a Mobile POS System

Mobile POS System

A correctly implemented mobile POS system can drive up your bottom line by increasing the quality and efficiency of your customer service.

Mobile POS devices like iPads are familiar and easy for your employees to use. Their mobility not only comes in handy when you need to move around your business checking out customers, it also allows you to streamline your inventory system.

Plus, mobile POS systems are comparatively inexpensive and space efficient. With a Freeform Made case, they also look cool!

Read on to find our top five tips all business owners should know before implementing a mobile POS system.

5 Tips for Your New Mobile POS System

An organized approach will help your transition to a new mobile POS be much smoother and more successful. Let’s dive in.

1. Set Realistic Expectations

Before implementing your new POS system, get clear on what your business needs from it.

Select a POS system that offers the features you need such as taking payment, product scanning, pricing calculations, inventory management and so on.

Don’t expect to be able to set up your mobile POS system overnight. It takes some time to properly train yourself and your staff to understand a new program and use it to its fullest potential. Don’t confuse “user-friendly design” for “no training required.”

2. Choose A Point Person

A great way to stay organized is to designate a point person that is in charge of the POS system.

In most cases, this will be a manager or an assistant manager, who can become an expert on the program and be the point of contact for any issues, updates, and training.

3. Make Time For Training

Training is key to the success of your new POS system.

These programs offer so many benefits, but only if your employees know how they work.

Set aside a training meeting or time to individually go over the program with employees.

Make sure they know all common operations, as well as the proper procedures for unusual circumstances, such as voiding a sale that was entered by mistake or who to call if the system crashes.

4. Keep Senior Management In the Loop

Stakeholders, senior management, and other higher up employees should be informed and on board for the new system as well.

Share all of the great features of the mobile system and how you expect it to impact your sales. This is a great opportunity to build excitement for the forward momentum of your business.

5. Open Communication Lines With Staff

Encourage your team to voice their feedback and ideas about the new POS system. This is a great way to use the program most efficiently and to its full potential.

This will make it easier for your staff to communicate anything they don’t understand about the new system. Plus, you’ll likely be inviting creative ways for mobile to boost productivity and sales alike.

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