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5 Reasons to Use Point of Sale Stands

Point of Sale Stands

If you’re a small business owner, you know how important your point of sale system is.

It needs to be smooth, reliable, and fast. It also needs to be something that customers can instantly recognize and use.

And to support that great, intuitive system, you’ll need to make sure you’re using a stand that looks and works great. Here are some of the top reasons why you should use point of sale stands for your business.

1. Point Of Sale Stands Are Affordable

If you’re just beginning your venture, you’ll want to save every bit of cash you can.

And since normal POS systems can get quite expensive, ranging a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, you may want a more cost-effective option.

Enter the point of sale stand.

These stands cost a fraction of what a traditional POS system costs and gives you all the benefits. You’ll still be able to complete transactions in a timely manner, you’ll just save money while doing so.

2. They’re Upgradeable

Every business is unique, and your stand should reflect that!

There are tons of options for every business out there. Whether you’re operating from home or have a massive store, there’s a stand for you.

Whether you’re looking for a more refined wooden look or a larger kiosk your business deserves its own unique look.

Your business deserves a better system than an old computer and register. Get up to date and look good while doing so!

3. Customers Love Them

The best businesses always make things as easy for their customers as possible.

By implementing point of sale stands, you’ll show customers that you want to make their transaction fast and easy.

These sleek, refined stands can complete transactions in a matter of seconds. You don’t even have to stand near the system itself.

You’re free to move around and work on other tasks as customers swipe their own card, enter their info, and get their receipt. Less time on transactions means more productivity.

Bottom line, more productivity means more money!

4. They’re Portable

If you’re constantly on the move, you’ll need a POS system that supports your needs.

While most POS systems are large and cumbersome, a stand is easily moveable and gives you more counter space. Should you want to participate in a local event such as a farmer’s market, all you have to do is take the stand with you!

5. Point of Sale Stands Don’t Require Tech Knowledge

Training a new employee on a POS system can take hours, if not days. Using a tablet-based POS system eliminates the need for any tech know-how.

As long as they know how to swipe a card, your employees will be able to pick up the system in minutes. It’s an easy process that makes things easier on customer and employee alike.

Take a Stand For Your Business

We offer tons of different options for businesses of all sizes for a price you’re going to love.

Freeform stands are durable, handcrafted, and gorgeous. When you buy one, you’ll see just how a custom stand can transform your business.

Ready to order your very own point of sale stands? Get in touch today!