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5 Must Have iPad Accessories For Your Business

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Any business owner knows how important it is to be able to work on the go, and thanks to the iPad, it’s easier than ever.

You’ll want to use your iPad to its fullest, so complete the package by picking up some great accessories!

Here are our preferred iPad accessories to help your business.

5 Must Have iPad Accessories for Your Business

1. JETech iPad Pro Smart Case Cover

A big reason you chose a tablet over a laptop is likely its improved portability. Laptops can weigh upwards of 5 pounds, resulting in plenty of back and shoulder pain.

However, laptops do have one major benefit over tablets: durability.

But you’ll need to make sure your iPad is safe, especially if you’re traveling. Don’t sacrifice durability for portability, pick up a JETech iPad Pro Smart Case.

The JETech iPad Pro Smart Case isn’t just one of the sleekest iPad accessories, it’s practical. You’ll get all of the same features of Apple’s first-party Smart Case for a fraction of the price.

2. Freeform IDynamo Stand

But maybe travel is only one aspect of your job description. If you tend to get more work done at the office, we have the perfect accessory for you.

The Freeform iDynamo Stand is a beautiful stand made from 100% wood that gives your iPad the professional look it deserves.

The iDynamo works with almost every point-of-sale app out there and includes a swipe track. This means that you can accept payment using virtually any credit or debit card.

It also includes slots for your camera, lock button, and volume, so you won’t lose access to any features.

3. Poweradd 2nd Gen Pilot Portable Charger

When you’re working hard, it’s easy to lose track of the hours. That’s why you’ll want a portable charger around to make sure you don’t lose any of your valuable work.

We suggest checking out the Poweradd Pilot, which retails for around $15. Aside from affordability, this awesome charger has quick charging, so you’ll be back on the move in no time.

Better yet, it features multiple USB slots, including one for USB-C. This means you can charge your phone and iPad at the same time!

4. Apple’s Magic Keyboard

Of course, getting all that work done is predicated on you having a way to input text and respond to emails.

That’s why Apple’s Magic Keyboard is one of the best iPad accessories on the market. If you’ve used an iMac in the last few years, you’re familiar with how powerful the Magic Keyboard is. No need to keep your keyboard chained to your desktop!

Its silvery sheen gives it a great look, and its rechargeable battery makes sure you’ll be able to type for hours.

5. Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter

Now that you’ve got something to type with, and a beautiful case and stand, it’s time to present your work.

Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter connects to any USB-C device, including your iPad.

Since it features an HDMI port, you can connect to nearly any HD TV, projector, or monitor to show off your great work in beautiful 1080p.

Now that you know the best iPad accessories for your business, we can help! We build high-quality iPad cases for every business, from retail to the office.