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5 Clever iPad Hacks All Retailers Should Know

ipad hacks

For business owners and entrepreneurs, there is never enough time. When you are running a retail space or coffee shop it seems as soon as you’re done with one task something else pops up.

And when it comes to technology you can’t afford to waste time. The right tools can make life easier. The wrong tools can equal headaches.

But if you already know that your iPad can be a security monitor for your business and that your iPad stand can be a salesperson, you are well on your way to making the most of some of the best technology for retail.

There are other iPad hacks that can make your life easier though. Try out these 5:

1. Apple ID Settings Without Credit Card

If you want to let your customers browse interactive displays on their own with your iPad a certain level of control is needed. You’ll want to have your Apple ID without a credit card associated.

That way your customers can’t ring up charges for apps.

2. Get Back to the Top

Simple iPad hacks can save your employees time. Make sure everyone in your location knows how easy it is to get back to the top if they are scrolling through a lot of data.

Pressing the top box of any all will bring the scrolling back to the top.

3. Split Keyboard

Sometimes it can be difficult for your employees and customers to get around on the iPad’s keyboard. A great hack your company can use to make it easier is the split keyboard.

You can place the keyboard in the middle of the screen or at the bottom. Just tap and hold the button on the keyboard at the bottom right of the iPad.

2 options will appear: Split or Undock.

4. Type Away

Did you know that you can use any Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad or iPhone? Letting your customers and employees have the advantage of a local keyboard can make certain processes much faster.

5. Recently Closed

If your employees are working on something and close a page in Safari they can get back a lot faster than searching again. Pressing and holding the + icon in Safari will bring up a list of recently closed tabs.

This will allow your staff to get back information customers might need.

iPad Hacks and Business Growth

Whether it’s using the latest tips and techniques or changing your approach to customer satisfaction, an iPad can change your bottom line. Industry leaders like JC Penney use tablets to let consumers and employees check out with tablets.

Plus, the trend toward interactive tech means your customers respond to the active experience of using iPads in retail. Today’s customers value experiences over things.

The more they interact during the shopping experience the more they enjoy the experience. Why not make the most of your iPad use and these iPad hacks?

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