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The 5 Best Tablet POS Apps of 2017

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Whether you run a juice bar, gym, hair salon or convenience store, it’s time to step up the technology and check out POS apps. 

With point of sale apps, you get seamless service, clean records, and a better workflow.

Consider these tips to guide you toward the apps that will serve you best. 

What are the Top 5 Tablet POS Apps?

Your customers rely on your infrastructure every day, so you can’t afford to have system down time due to bugginess or unreliability. 

The five apps below are helpful anytime you’re looking for POS apps with speed, raw power, and functionality. 


If you need to get an app that runs seamlessly with 24-hour iPad support, you’ll want to check out Vend. 

This app has subscription fees that cost between $69 per month and $199 per month. 

What you’ll enjoy about this app is that it has a beautiful graphic interface and is very intuitive. You’ll get up and running with no problem even if you’ve never used POS apps before. 

The way you use the app will continue to grow, as this app has incredible app scalability. If you need an app that’ll keep you in the game, this is a great bet. 


You’re always connected to the cloud with this intuitive POS app. 

This allows the app to run smoothly so that your transactions go through with no issue. We’ve all been stuck in a long line that moves slowly because of credit card machine communication problems. 

You won’t have those issues with Bindo thanks to its excellent use of today’s technology. This app also gets high marks in user satisfaction, which is a win-win for your business. 

Epos Now

Epos Now is a seamless app that is compact and easy to use. 

Simplicity is where Epos Now really shines, which is why many food and beverage companies use it. By giving customers stripped down options with speedy performance, you’ll get your orders in and out without a problem. 

You’ll also enjoy the level of customer support that you get with this app at all times. 


When you want an app that is user-friendly and versatile across all platforms, Square has you covered. 

This is an Android marketplace app that works for a variety of tablets. Because it focuses on logistics, you’ll be able to keep your employees scheduled and inventory accounted for. 

This app has plenty of bells and whistles, such as easy application of discounts and coupons, impeccable sales data and easy connectivity to hardware. 


This is another quality app that caters to food and beverage companies. 

Not only do you get high powered point of sale capability, this app connects to MailChimp. This MailChimp connectivity keeps you in touch with your customers so that you get great ROT and communication. 

You can’t go wrong with any of these apps, so shop for the one that serves your company best. 

Double down on the apps by incorporating video content that markets your company and helps you interact with customers. You’ll increase your sales and keep your company ahead of the curve. 

After deciding on which app you’d like, shop for an iPad stand that cradles your devices, so that your business runs smoothly.