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4 Benefits of Point of Purchase Displays

Point of Purchase Displays

We’ve all fallen victim to that perfect display at the checkout.

You’re all ready to make your purchases, then end up casually throwing a few more things into your cart from a point of purchase display.

These displays are an effective way to upsell your customer’s transactions. Even something as simple as an accessory, some chewing gum or a keychain can increase your transaction amounts.

At the point of purchase, fantastic promotional point of purchase displays with hanging banners, backlit displays, or iPads promoting product information can entice and inform your consumer.

These displays get people’s attention and help stores boost revenue.

Here are four benefits of having a fantastic display at your points of purchase:

1. Point Of Purchase Displays Boost Sales

A big reason that point of purchase displays boost sales and increase revenue is that you’re creating a connection at the point your customer is ready to spend.

With 82% of buying decisions being made while in your store, increase your promotional displays for special items.

As you encourage customers to try new brands and items, use an effective display that makes the items look like must-have products at checkout. Your customer will instinctively throw them into their basket thinking, “Why not just one more little thing?”

With enough little things adding on to each transaction, your sales will skyrocket.

2. Point of Purchase Displays Have Limitless Uses And Possibilities

You never have to think inside the box with point of purchase displays.

These displays give you endless opportunities to show off products, using the most stunning design possibilities. Whether you want to use acrylic, cardboard, or even iPad stands that show videos about the product, you can customize your design for your brand.

There are a broad range of styles in multi-tiered wall-mounted displays or high-tech engaging visual displays that you can choose from.

Consider your brand image and what will fit best in your store. Create a seamless display that will amplify your brand’s image while your customers check out of your store.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

When you create a fantastic design through point of purchase displays, the aesthetic appeal makes your customers feel welcomed.

They will be more attracted to a product that is on a well-designed display.

A well-designed display will increase the chance of buyers wanting to grab those items. Make your aesthetic engaging while offering all of the info your clients need for the product.

Consider placing pricing, features, and brands in creative ways about your display.

4. They’re Affordable

Displays don’t have to be expensive.

If you have a limited budget you can still bring in a great return by investing in a great display. Custom-designed vinyl or corrugated cardboard displays can last a long time and still offer visual appeal.

You’ll get your money back in whatever you do invest as people continually grab products from the displays upon checkout.

Go Big

When it comes to great displays at checkout, consider great stands for both the items and your POS system iPads.

For great deals on fantastic store check out items get in touch today.