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3 Ways an Apple POS System Improves Customer Service

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Think about the last time you went to your favorite bar, restaurant, or coffee shop. If you’ve been a regular for a while, do you remember what initially made you want to go back again and again? 

It probably wasn’t just the food or drinks that they serve or you’d just order their takeout option. For customers to return to a business, there has to be an environment that they like or people that they feel comfortable with. 

What if we told you that you can make your customers into regulars just by using an Apple POS system? Would you be interested or skeptical? We got your reasons for why it just might be right for you. 

Read on to learn more!

Benefits of an Apple POS System

We want your business to be successful and have happy returning customers. It’s an investment to switch to an Ipad system, but you will see the return on your investment quickly for the three following reasons. 

Server’s Attitudes & Happiness

The restaurants that have already integrated Apple POS systems into their business model are seeing higher profits per table. Those higher final bill amounts lead to higher tip percentages for their servers, which makes servers happy. 

When a customer has access to a menu on a tablet, they can see many more choices than the server has time to explain. It makes it easier for them to customize their meal and keeps track of it better since it only gets entered in once, so there’s less human error. 

The system has the option to upsell customers as well as keeping them happy since your servers won’t forget to put in that table #23 didn’t want onions on their burgers. Happier customers give bigger tips and better-paid servers give better service.

It’s a positive cycle that you could easily cash in on. 

Ease for Customers

There is a rule in nature that if something has the chance to follow the “path of least resistance,” it will. Whether you see this as innate laziness or an efficient use of energy, there’s no denying that people like doing things that are easy.

With an Apple POS system, ordering becomes a whole lot easier for the customer.

Depending on the system you have built for your business, you can have customers input their food allergies so they know what they’re ordering is safe. Or they can search for a specific type of food. The options are limitless with the right app designer!

Better Tracking

What if you could remember what you had at your favorite restaurant last time that you loved so much? POS systems are starting to be able to track customer’s activities.

You can make it so that customers log in to your restaurant and see their dining history and recommendations based on it. This personalized touch will make them feel valued and they will come back to your restaurant again and again. 

If you are worried about the appeal of an Apple POS system on your ambiance, there are beautiful options for table Ipad holders that will keep your tables beautiful and add functionality.